Somatic method | Therapy Yoga can help to reduce anxiety, stress, grief, addiction as well as traumas.

This is a method which was named “Soma” the term comes from ancient Greek and means to bring balance in body, mind and soul. Looking at the human being as unity, whose three aspects influence each other.

Somatic method | Therapy Yoga is incorporated in somatic therapy to achieve holistic healing. In addition to that, physical activities are undertaken to release tension, having a negative effect on patients’ physical and psychological well-being. Among others, somatic therapies can help to reduce anxiety, stress, grief, addiction as well as traumas. Besides that, also people who suffer from chronic physical pain or digestive disorders might profit from soma therapy.

Good to know: Soma therapy techniques are used in both, individual and group therapy settings.

What can one expect from soma therapy? A soma therapy is considered to be an alternative form of physical therapy. A therapist helps patients to reconstruct memories and analyses how they physically react to those. Breathing exercises, Yoga, or dance are for example used as alternative physical techniques. In soma therapy it is assumed that emotions, body, spirit and mind are all connected with one another and that eventually, past traumatic experiences have an effect on the nervous system and can cause changes in the body and even in the body language. Soma therapy can ease/soften facial expressions and posture as well as physical pain. The overall goal of a soma therapy is to release from pain and stress so they can become fully active and return to a positive state that will allow them to be more calm and happy.

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