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Health & Medical Psychology

In health psychology, we look at how behavior affects health, so we can help people change the behaviors that lead to good health and well-being. In this way, we support the prevention of chronic mental and physical illness. For example, psychologists who work in this field might do research on how to stop people from smoking and find new ways to get them to do things like exercise.


Another example, most people know that eating a lot of sugar is bad for their health, but many people keep doing it even though it might have short-term and long-term consequences. Health psychologists look at the psychological factors that make people make these kinds of health decisions and support positive transformational change.

consultation 101
consultation 101

Current problems in the field of psychology of health and medicine.

Health psychologists work with people, groups, and communities to reduce risk factors, improve overall health, and cut down on illnesses.

They do research and offer services in areas like:

  • Stress
  • Weight-loss
  • Smoking
  • Improving one’s daily nutrition
  • Cut down on risky sexual behaviors
  • People who need hospice care and help with their grief
  • Preventing illness
  • Being able to recognize the effects of illness
  • Improving the recovery
  • Teaching people how to cope