Coaching and Positive Psychology Services

Coaching psychology is a way to boost well-being and performance in both your personal and professional lives. It’s based on models of coaching that are based on well-known adult and child psychological theories and approaches. It is only done by qualified coaching psychologists who have the right training and have been properly trained and supervised.

Evidence-based coaching psychology is based on both theory and research.

“Positive psychology teaches what makes life worth living”

It focuses on strengths instead of faults, creating the good in life instead of fixing the bad, and elevating typical people to “great”.

It reinforces the following:

  • Good times (like happiness, joy, inspiration, and love).
  • Positivity (like gratitude, resilience, and compassion).
  • Good institutions (applying positive principles within entire organizations and institutions).
  • Compassion (including self-compassion), self-esteem, self-confidence and spiritual elevation.
Working on these topics helps people develop and live their best lives. Positive psychology may teach us how to change our perspective, which is a powerful tool.


A tiny shift in viewpoint can lead to huge improvements in wellbeing and quality of life. Adding a little optimism and thankfulness to your life can make a huge difference in your view on life.


P.P. reminds us that balance, kindness (self-kindness) and social connection are crucial in life and we deserve, through these values, to live a great life.