The most well-known and practiced treatments of energy psychology utilize techniques such as body tapping in areas of the body known as meridian points. The process is intended to send signals to the brain to help the brain regulate the emotions associated with mental health conditions.


Energy psychology is practiced by some professionals who treat PTSD, anxiety, phobia, addiction, and a variety of other mental health and physical health conditions. Many find the unique energy work techniques very effective and they seem to work faster than other therapies. Energy psychology practitioners may integrate contemporary psychological interventions, such as mindfulness techniques or cognitive reframing, with the stimulation of one or more human energy systems in order to release blocked traumatic events, thus reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress, among other concerns.

The most well-known and commonly practiced types of energy psychology are thought field therapy, tapas acupressure technique, and emotional freedom techniques. Some proponents of energy psychology hold these methods of treatment to be successful in helping individuals recover completely and rapidly from a range of mental health concerns.

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