I remember myself before I met her and how suspicious I have been and hesitant of spending fees for coaching. Her services are worth so much more, so asking myself was that value for my money? Absolutely! I would recommend Evry to all. She helped me rediscover myself and break the self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back for years. I was introduced to a new positive, world, her world as I say, adapting all that to my professional and personal life, creating a happier and healthier life for me and my family. It works!

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My life would not be the same without Evry as my coach. She has guided me through a number of job and life changes, helping me to stay focused on the advantages instead of the difficulties. The higher I have risen in my organization, the more I find how important it is to have someone to talk to on the outside, for both perspective and encouragement. I have referred Evry to many of my colleagues and all have been grateful to me for finding her. She is a real treasure.

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BettyHR Business Support Team

I have worked with Evry for the past year and I feel privileged to have her as a coach. As a result of her coaching, I take actions that maximize my results and I spend minimal amounts of time on side issues. In addition, she has helped me improve not only the quality of clients in my practice but also the quantity of money they provide me as well. I am also blessed with Evry’s ongoing contagious positivity, wisdom, and graciousness which are a wonderful models for anyone at any time.

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MargaretExecutive Coach